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Rue Water – 5oz


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Rue water

Rue water has always been used in rituals of cleansing and unloading. Besides its medicinal properties it is attributed magical powers of protection, cleansing, attraction of prosperity and well-being.
Rue water can also be used in baths, as well as floor wash to energetically clean environments.

Ruta Graveolens – The Rue Plant

Rue is a famous plant in Brazil, known for its energetic powers that help with issues such as nervousness and irritability, acting as a purifier and a consumer of dense energies.
It is widely used by healers, shamans, and Folk healers in energy baths, as a protection amulet, or for cleaning environments.
Its vibration is capable of bringing energetic waves of enthusiasm and prosperity, besides being used for protection and energetic cleaning.
It removes everything that does not do us well, energies of fear, envy, negativity, and helps to open pathways in life.
When you are feeling sad, powerless, “heavy”, feeling that luck has forsaken you, try taking a bath in Rue (or with Rue soap) before you go to bed, this will promote deep energetic cleansing and a deep feeling of well-being.
Rue is an herb that carries with it an ancient and powerful energy, represented by an ancient woman, seen as a wise and healing plant.


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