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Shamanic Hapé Mint

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Shamanic Hapé Mint – Concentration/Energy Cleansing

The mixture with Tsunu ash traditionally known by the indigenous people is enhanced with a hint of mint (Mentha piperita). 

This refreshing hapé opens your inner vision and lifts your spirit, bringing prosperity and protection against negative spirits. 

Its energy acts on the mental, emotional, and physical bodies, providing stress relief, energetic discharge, physical healing, acting mainly on the third eye, throat, and solar plexus chakras; it provides a connection with nature and helps to concentrate and firm the thoughts.

It is strong, warming and stimulating, tonic, and helps restore mental and physical energy levels.

Used widely to combat headaches, stress relief, anxiety and depression. Causes relaxation and improves sleep, and acts as an expectorant.

Mint is great for strengthening immunity. 

In addition, it is a source of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. This combo of vitamins and minerals is very rich for protecting the body from infection and inflammation. This is why many users notice a significant improvement in rhinitis and sinusitis.


Our shamanic recipes are prepared by an experienced Txai who has been called to the spiritual knowledge of sacred medicine and indigenous traditions since the age of 11. 

They are prepared with the utmost respect for the traditions of the indigenous people, with love and faith, maintaining the highest vibration with the intention of healing the body, mind, and spirit. 

Our Hapé is carefully packaged in glass jars in an act of respect for sacred medicine, thus also ensuring the greatest purity and original preservation of its physical, energetic, and vibrational characteristics.

What is Hapé ?

Hapé, a legal sacred shamanic medicine from Amazon, which is pronounced ‘ha-peh’ in English, is a fine powder prepared from a blend of herbs, other plants, seeds, and tree bark. These are very rare, sacred, powerful, and profoundly healing and cleansing miracle medicines, and are made in a very sacred and labor intensive process.

Hapé has healing and ritualistic effects when blown. 

Traditional Hapé has been used for thousands of years by South American indigenous groups. Unlike other substances that cause hallucinogenic effects that alter the senses and awareness, is an entheogen, a term used to describe substances with symbolic and cultural aspects. 

As an entheogen, hapé produces feelings of lightness, energization, and spiritual cleansing when used. It can trigger reactions like extreme sweating, vomiting, and weakness exactly because it performs this deep cleansing.

The substance is regarded as a sacred medicine, and when used properly and under guidance, it is not addictive, and can help the healing of diseases such as sinusitis, as well as spiritual healing. 

Indigenous peoples believes that the preparation of hapé must have a purpose and only allow shamans and shaman apprentices to make the hapé because they are trusted members of the tribe.

The effects of the medicine might be good, such as healing and wellbeing, or negative, such as illness and even spiritual harm, depending on the intention of the people who apply and receive the hapé. 

In other words, the hapé ritual is an act of bravery and trust between the hapé-applier and everyone else involved.

The Benefits of Using Hapé

Exactly because of its benefits for the mind and for the treatment of illnesses, hapé use has been gaining popularity worldwide. Here are some of the main benefits of hapé medicine: 

  • It has a calming effect and allows you to control your emotions for an extended period of time. 
  • Its properties have the ability to sharpen the mind as well as help in concentration. 
  • It can be used to treat chronic diseases like sinusitis and migraines
  • as well as to detoxify and cleanse the mind’s and body’s energy fields. 
  • It is an ally in the treatment of mental illnesses and some dependencies on controlled medication;
  • It helps in the combat of respiratory diseases and colds since it cleans the path the air takes between the lungs, trachea, nasal cavities, pharynx, mouth, larynx, bronchioles, eliminating bacteria and mucus, the famous phlegm.

How is Hapé used? 

There is a hierarchy in indigenous tribes, and only the Shaman (in Tupi language: Pajé), the Shaman’s apprentice, or someone trusted by the tribe can prepare hapé because there is a technique that must be followed. 

After being prepared, the hapé becomes a powder that is blown, first through one nostril and then the other, it is always recommended to blow out one nostril at a time, so that the user creates a connection that allows the substances can act. 

To properly blow the hapé, there are two tools that can be used: a tool known as Tepi (Tipí), a type of pipe with a long handle or a Kuripe, a tool for self-application.

When Hapé is blown, the substance found in the bark of trees, herbs and other plants is inhaled, causing it to rise automatically into the airways. Hapé clears the airways as it passes through them, and once in the brain, causes a sense of well-being as well as an expansion of consciousness and senses. 

When Hapé is blown, a smoke is formed, that spreads throughout the environment. 

It is critical for hapé to fulfill its medicinal and ritualistic functions that the user’s thoughts are in sync. 

In some rituals the Tepi, is passed between people, and for this reason it is worth pointing out that everyone is subject to the same effects, since when the Tepi is passed, energies are also exchanged.

Sacred Blend Hapé

Our Hapé (the true pronunciation is Hah-peh) are made through a combination of natural or organic ground tobacco and ash from sacred trees with medicinal properties. You will buy here a 100% natural and high quality Amazon Shamanic Hapé.

The medicinal properties of hapé make it helpful in healing the ailments of the physical body. Each one has its own healing properties.

Our hapé are made with great respect to the native peoples, pioneers of this knowledge, our making is based on empirical knowledge with medicine, modern phytotherapy, botany, ethnobotany, the learning of native tribes of the Amazon, of contemporary makers, shamans and more experienced txais, bringing all our dedication, intentions of love, and faith. 

It goes through a sifting process to make it extra-fine to the aspect of talcum powder, facilitating the reception of Hapé in the body, spreading and expanding it more efficiently.

Its spiritual and sacred connection part is very intense, with the intent of the spirit of the Hapé to identify the needs of the body and spirit.

Hapé helps to enhance the Ayahuasca power plant and also in spiritual cleansing.

To use it, it is very important that the person be prepared to receive the spirit of the forest through the hapé. It is necessary to have a “clean” body, a favorable environment, and especially a high intention to consecrate this Sacred Medicine. 

The person who will apply it also requires preparation, concentration, purpose, faith, and breath technique. In this way, you will get the most from the Medicine.

Traditionally among the tribes there is a belief that Hapé promotes the release of illnesses from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

In addition, it is believed to help open the third eye, decalcify the pineal gland, and eliminate mental fog and confusion.

Hapé also facilitates the opening and cleansing of the chakras, leading to a sense of grounding and connection to the Earth, breaking us out of negative thought patterns, connecting us to our breath, and thus expanding our connection to Spirit. 

-Use: Ethnobotanical curiosity. Exclusive use for scientific, historical and ritualistic study.

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2 reviews for Shamanic Hapé Mint

  1. Richard

    This Rapé is perfect for starting the day light and energized and It is helping me a lot with my concentration issue.

  2. Raul Owen

    I can’t remember the last time I breathed so well through my nostrils.

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