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Kit Plant Bath 2023 New Year


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Within ancestral traditions, the use of natural resources, both symbolically and chemically, are ways to bring well-being and balance between body, mind, and spirit.
Plants are consciousnesses of power and contribution, containing in themselves many healing forces that act in our physical, mental, and spiritual fields.
Uniting the power of plants and ancestral knowledge is one of the most pleasurable and effective ways to allow energetic alignment, connection with nature, and to promote the self-care that is so important for our wellbeing and connection with the Divine.
Traditionally, plant baths are used on some special occasions and serve both for protection from negative energies and to put us in a higher and more positive vibratory state of being.
We brought this New Year’s Bath tradition from Brazil so that you can experience the feeling of starting the year as a blank page with renewed energies.
The Sacred Blend New Year’s bath brings the ancient power of plants and their vital energy to promote regeneration, balance, and well-being. It can be done not only on the New Year’s Eve, but also at times when you feel that your energy is low, that you need to lift your energy and have more power and dynamics in your daily life, as long as you respect the order of use: one day the Cleansing and Purifying bath and the next day the Renewing and Energizing bath.

Cleansing and Purifying: To be used on December 30, preferably before bed and after the hygiene bath. It moves away dissonant energies, bringing a sensation of lightness.
Ingredients: Anamu leaves and stem, Rosemary, Lavender dry flowers, Rue, Boldo leaves, Levante (Mentha viridis) leaves and Sea Salt.

Renewing and Energizing: To be used on December 31st, the day after the Purification and Cleaning Day, after the hygiene bath. Revitalizes, protects, and balances, opening the paths to love, prosperity, health, and favoring spiritual connection.
Ingredients: Rosemary, Cloves, Cinnamon stick, Fennel, Bay leaves, Peppermint leaves, Basil leaves, Thyme, and Chamomile flowers.

We wish that in 2023 you receive many blessings and can share them wherever you go!



Plant baths are an ancient and millenary practice.
The first records of the individual act of bathing come from ancient Egypt, around 3000 B.C. According to history, the Egyptians performed sacred rituals in water and dedicated them to the gods of fertility and knowledge. For the ancient Greeks, bathing was the moment to invoke the protection of Zeus’ wife, Hera, considered the goddess of marriage and of honor to commitments.
In Brazil, they are commonly used in religions of African origin, in pajelança, and in the different strands of witchcraft and curandeirism.

To work with herbs it is also fundamental to know the ancestral traditions behind them. In this way it is possible to honor this ancient wisdom and deepen our knowledge.
Since ancient times the magical form of plants and herbs has been known. This is why baths are considered to be vehicles for purifying the body and mind.

Why Plants?

In order to grow, plants need to absorb all four elements: fire – which comes from the sun, water – provided by the rains, air – due to the strength of the winds, and earth.
Just like the herbs and plants, we also have these four elements in our body. Therefore, when we are out of balance, we can use the power of nature to rebalance ourselves.
Because they are living elements, they also have life force, which consequently brings us vitality.
Each one has ‘hidden magic’, which involves medicinal and healing properties.

What is a Plant Bath for?

A plant bath can be used for different purposes. To cleanse, energize, attract prosperity, self-esteem, and much more. At the end of a plant bath, it is common to feel a sense of relaxation or more energy.
The energetic baths serve to cleanse and/or energize our aura, bringing it into balance. It harmonizes our chakras by harmonizing the energy input into the body.
Types of baths:

Cleansing and Discharge Plant Bath.

This type of bath is one of the most widely used. It aims to cleanse the aura of astral worms, driving away all kinds of negativity, such as envy, evil eyes, evil spirits, etc., as well as acting on the nervous system, relaxing and driving away bad thoughts.
Plant baths for cleansing and discharging can be taken especially when we feel without energy, tired, anxious, nervous, or sick. But they should not be taken daily.
In these baths are used herbs, plants, and minerals with strong energetic cleansing properties.

Plant Bath for Wealth and Prosperity

The wealth can be enhanced with the help of a plant bath.
It is often used in times of insecurity and financial worries. In this state of worry our energy drops, and the baths for financial prosperity can help to balance and revitalize our auric field, acting on our psyche, bringing positive energies, well-being, and balance.
It is also very interesting to use it to maintain and boost when there is no such worry, since this bath brings energy and vigor to our energy field.

Plant Bath for Self-Esteem

Self-love can also be strengthened with a plant bath. This type of bath promotes self-love and emotional balance to aid in the process of boosting your self-confidence.
The very intention of giving yourself a bath with these herbs and flowers already reinforces the moment of care and affection for yourself.
This type of bath usually uses flowers to work on this issue.

Energizing Plant Bath

When you are feeling down and have a lot of tiredness, an energizing bath can be ideal.
This type of bath restores the energetic balance, invigorating and energizing the body, mind, and strengthening the spirit.

Plant Bath for Love

Love in its different definitions can be worked with plant baths.
Enchantment baths can be made to open space for the arrival of a new love. But baths can also be made to strengthen family love and dissolve conflicts.
The important and fundamental thing in this kind of bath (in all of them, actually) is to have pure intentions and good feelings.

How to do a Plant Bath?

In some cases, only people with knowledge can prepare plant baths.
However, they can be done by anyone, even those who do not practice any religion or are from others that do not have this practice.
In any case, one must have the knowledge of the plants and also consecrate them before preparing, as is the case of our herbal baths that are already consecrated and ready for those who do them just to put their intentions and enjoy their benefits.

Check out the step by step:

Set aside a time without interruptions.
Make sure you are not interrupted while you are doing your plant bath. It is a moment only for you, in contact with the wisdom of the herbs. If you wish, you can light incense and set up an altar in your bathroom with whatever items you have: candles, magic objects, and whatever else you wish.

Mentalize your intention while taking the plant bath

When you finish your hygienic bath, run the liquid of bath from the neck down. In some specific cases, the baths can be taken over the entire body; this will be specified in the instructions for each bath. While pouring, mentalize your intentions. They are what will make the purpose of your bath flow with the help of the plants.
After the bath, you should not rub the towel on your body, as this creates electrical charges that can totally or partially neutralize the effects of the bath.

Respect your process

It is common for cleansing and discharging plant baths to cause sleepiness after they are done. Therefore, set aside a time when you can rest, such as before bedtime. The ones that bring energy can wake you up and you may feel super willing to do a lot of things afterwards. So it is crucial to respect your process and welcome the feelings and sensations that come up afterwards.

Disposal of herbs

After doing the plant bath you have three main ways of disposal.
The first is to dry the herbs and when they are dry, to smoke them in your house.
The second is to return them to the earth as a form of gratitude.
But if neither of these is possible, you can dispose of them in the organic waste anyway.

Best Times: cleansing plant baths should preferably be done before going to bed, or at times when you don’t need to release energy after bathing. Expansive plant baths, on the other hand, are best done in the morning or in the middle of the day, avoiding before bedtime. For the others, any time, you can follow your intuition to decide.

Be Careful:

– Check for the possibility of allergy to any of the plants before taking the bath.
– No product on this website is a substitute for medicine or medical treatment. In case of aggravating or persistent symptoms, seek professional help.

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