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Road Opener Bath & Floor Wash – 5oz


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Road Opener – Bath and Floor Wash

This is a practical and effective way to obtain the magical and energetic benefits of this plant, widely known for its energetic power to bring blessings to business and to your home.
Promote energetic and spiritual cleansing, attract happiness, facilitate problem solving and as the name implies, open roads!
It can be used in baths, scalding feet and floor wash.

Justicia Gendarussa – The Road Opener Plant

This medicinal herb is very well known, especially by those who practice their beliefs through spiritual works and its name does justice to its power.
Native to Brazil, this medicinal herb has a number of health benefits since the treatment of some pains, as it also has a relaxing function depending on its use.
Popularly known by the name Justicia gendarussa as the “Demand Winner” or “Pathfinder” due to the belief in its supposed magical and ritualistic properties, Justicia gendarussa is considered a power plant.
It is widely used in herbal baths, blessings and leaf-blowing, as it is believed to have the power to perform spiritual cleansing, destroy witchcraft, fight envy and evil eye. It is also used in gardens and pots with the purpose of protecting environments, breaking spiritual demands and driving away negative energies, opening paths and facilitating the solution of problems. Its use in rituals is very strong in Brazilian culture and religiosity.
Learn how to use this medicinal herb through teas, baths, and scalding feet to live better according to nature.


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