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Dragon Blood – 10ml


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Dragon Blood 

What is Dragon Blood?

Dragon’s Blood Essential Oil is of the Sap type, an intense dark red colored oil-resin, and originates from the Dragon Tree that can be found in the Amazon rain forest between Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.

The extraction of the resin is made from bark fragments from the trunk of the tree, and its name derives precisely from the color of the resin.

Properties and Benefits of Dragon Blood

With healing characteristics, this resin has been used since the early days by the natives to stop bleeding and prevent infections, including gingivitis and sores and after childbirth.

In cosmetics, it has been a special ingredient for acting deeply in skin regeneration, stimulating collagen synthesis, reducing wrinkles and flaccidity, avoiding premature skin aging, and reversing age marks.

Research indicates that Dragon’s Blood Resin Oil, as to its antioxidant potential, can be 50X more potent than Vitamin E, 20X more potent than Vitamin C, and even relieves the pain sensation of skin inflammations.

Ways to use Dragon Blood

The application of Dragon’s Blood Resin Oil varies depending on the interest of use.

For wounds or skin inflammations, direct application of the oil is recommended.

In cosmetics, it can be added to base creams (30 drops per 100g) and applied to the face daily.

 When pure, in contact with the skin, the oil protects the body area by forming a resinous protective layer that should not be torn off, it is a kind of natural band aid. It will come off after washing.

There are also magical uses for Dragon Blood.

  • In magic, dragon’s blood is said to be used in purification and love spells, and can also be used to make a magic ink that is used a lot in power rituals, it gives strength to all rituals and other inks.
  • Because it has a high frequency, it is very indicated in spells of protection, defense, banishment, harmonization of energy fields, of the chakras (inferior – basic, umbilical and solar-plexus) and of the aura.

We already know that it is non-toxic and can be rubbed on the skin. The oil (sap) passed on the solar plexus amplifies personal power, self-confidence and courage. In the umbilical chakra it helps to deal with fears and challenges. On the base it favors connection with the earth, harmonizes energy of abundance and prosperity. It can be used in bath water for cleansing, energetic and spiritual harmonization.

It can be used in various spells to potentiate, especially spells of healing, defense, protection, prosperity. But it nurtures all types of magic.

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