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Andiroba Oil – 10ml


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Andiroba Oil

What is Andiroba Oil?

Comes from the andiroba tree (Carapa guianensis), one of the most precious and popular trees in the Amazon rainforest. It can be found in Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. In Brazil it occurs mainly in the states of Amapá, Acre, Amazonas and Pará.

Medium to large in size, the tree can reach a height of 30 meters and is considered a species of integral use, in other words, from which everything can be taken advantage of. Its leaves become handicrafts, its trunk is used to build boats, and the fruit, in addition to being used as food, also gives rise to the valuable andiroba oil, a golden oil that is widely used as a home remedy.

The people of the forest taught us that andiroba oil “cures everything”. From analgesic to cicatrizing and from repellent to anti-inflammatory, the use of this Amazonian active ingredient is diverse and offers unbeatable medicinal and cosmetic benefits.

Andiroba is an Amazonian fruit discovered and used by the indigenous peoples. Its name comes from the Tupi word ãdi’roba, which means “bitter taste”, a characteristic feature of the andiroba oil, which also has a strong smell.

Sustainably extracted from the freshly fallen fruit of the Amazon tree, andiroba oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, insecticidal properties, and dozens of other benefits.

But beware: andiroba oil should not be ingested. This is because its composition can be bad for the liver and stomach.

Benefits of Andiroba Oil

  • Moisturizes and regenerates the skin – It has emollient and moisturizing properties, capable of penetrating even the deepest layers of the skin, forming a protective barrier and stimulating its regeneration.
  • Moisturizing for hair – With its softening properties, andiroba oil is an excellent moisturizer for hair, and is recommended for curly, frizzy, and voluminous hair. The oil helps control volume and frizz, in addition to providing shine and softness to the strands.
  • It is a natural repellent – in some regions of Brazil andiroba oil is used directly on the skin to repel several species of mosquitoes and/or to heal their bites.
  • It helps in the treatment of skin diseases – Some conditions, such as eczema, can be treated with andiroba oil. In addition to helping relieve itching, redness, sores, and swelling, the active ingredient is easily absorbed by the skin, creating a protective barrier in its inner layers.
  • Due to its high concentrations of limonoids, andiroba is also considered an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. Not by accident, its oil is widely used in massage therapy, because it helps relieve pain, with analgesic action, leaving muscles relaxed.
  • Combats parasitic diseases – The traditional knowledge of the people of the forest teaches that andiroba oil can be used as an ointment to combat various parasites, especially tunga penetrans, a type of flea popularly known as the foot bug.

Ways to use the extraordinary Andiroba Oil

  • External use: Andiroba oil has a great effect when used externally. As you have seen, it is excellent to apply in massages and in sore and injured places. The application of the oil can be done 3 times a day, without any harm to the skin.
  • Hair Use: To take advantage of the benefits of the oil on hair, try to align it with the treatment products you are used to, mixing pure oil with your shampoo and hair creams. This way, its effect will be potentiated along with that of the cosmetics.

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